Things related to the BBC Microcomputer and Acorn Computers

At the moment, the most useful thing here is my page describing the discs for the ARM Evaluation System for the BBC Micro. Look there if you have one, but need the software for it.

I also have a few ROM images, provided for people who have, for example, damaged or missing ROMs on second processors. However, only a tiny part of my collection of images is here -- just items people have specifically asked me to upload.

There has recently (January 2006) been some discussion on the BBC Micro mailing list about the use of Xebec S1410A SASI controllers for winchester disks. 20 years ago I'd been maintaining other systems using this controller, so in 1986 I wrote some software and built some circuit boards to use a Xebec S1410A controller on a BBC Micro.

Another discussion concerns why a Beeb with an 8271 FDC and DFS 1.20 may not work with 3.5" drives. It appears to be because the Beeb uses the drive's INDEX pulses to generate RDY signals needed by the 8271. Some drives suppress these pulses while seeking, which could cause "Drive error 10", meaning "Drive not ready". I have written a detailed description of how the RDY signals are generated.

Pete Turnbull, August 2006