This directory contains scanned images of the documents making up the UDA50 Programmer's Documentation Kit, published by Digital Equipment Corporation, Part No. QP-905-GZ. These documents are copyrighted, see copyright message in each document. DEC gave permission (see foot of page) for out of print manuals to be copied.

There are three documents in the set, which are useful (if not essential) to anyone programming for DEC's RQDX controllers and other MSCP or TMSCP controllers, as well as the UDA50. Don't be put off by the "Unibus" in the title of the third; it's applicable to QBus systems as well.

For convenience, all three documents are available here both as raw TIFF files (TIFF compression type 4, aka Group 4 fax encoding), and as PDF files, suitable for direct reading using Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software.

Due to space constraints, these will not all be here for long.

Note: I've updated these files (lunchtime, Saturday 8th May 2004) replacing the big g3-compressed TIFFs with much more compact g4-encoded versions.

MSCP Basic Disk Functions Manual AA-L619A-TK Version 1.2, First Edition April 1982 PDF   TIFF
Storage Systems Diagnostics and Utility Protocol AA-L620A-TK April 1982 PDF   TIFF
Storage System Unibus Port Description AA-L621A-TK April 1982 PDF   TIFF

From the January 1985 Software Documentation Products Directory (EJ-26361-78), first page:


   Beginning January 1, 1985, Digital customers are given a right to copy,
   at no charge, any Digital Archival Software Documentation Publication
   (excluding restricted or third party owned) that we no longer offer for
   sale.  However, the copyright is retained as the exclusive property of
   Digital Equipment Corporation.